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Are blogs dead? 6 reasons why a blog still holds relevance

In the age of social media and AI tools like Bing Chat and ChatGPT, you might be tempted to believe that blogs have become obsolete. Some argue that the rise of these technologies has diminished the value of blog content. If you're questioning the relevance of blogging in today's landscape, consider these six compelling reasons why every business should benefit from the power of blogging.

In our experience, there are still plenty of reasons to keep corporate blogs going. Having a blog makes your business more credible, your company a pleasant place to work, and your employees thought leaders. So, let's start with the first question:

1. Are blogs dead?

In short: no. Blogs are still a highly effective way to generate traffic for your website through SEO keywords. They bring honest information to readers and answer questions a lot of people are asking.

2. Do people still read blogs?

Yes, more often than you would think! Just type a simple search query into Google and chances are that the first articles that pop up (ignoring advertisements) are blogs. Google almost always displays links to high-quality blog posts first. Therefore, blogs are actually still really relevant and vivid. We invite you to aim for that top position in Google.

3. Isn’t social media a better way to connect with your audience?

If your primary goal is to connect to your audience, social media is definitely a better medium. Simply because it is an interactive platform where you can directly start a conversation, ask for feedback or see filed complaints.

Nonetheless, social media is also far more temporary. Posts evaporate within the blink of an eye (48h), where blog posts remain findable over a long period of time. Furthermore, blog posts can contain in-depth content, while social media is often limited to brief snippets of information. Also, it is risky to rely on a platform you are not owning yourself. If Instagram for instance vanished tomorrow, all your hard work and content would disappear.

4. Is it still worth starting a corporate blog nowadays?

Blogs deliver more information and value directly to your audience. You can write as much as you want, upload as often as you like and there is no actual character limit (although, you’d want to stay away from extensive epistles). Provide your audience with high-quality content containing valuable tips and advices, honest stories and effective how-to-manuals. Blogs are a great way to build trust and establish yourself as an authority!

5. How can a blog contribute to engagement?

Although social media is the ultimate medium for engagement, blogs are an effective means to build a dedicated following of people interested in your niche. When consistently delivering high-quality content, the appreciation of people interested in the same field will want to read more!

Frequent readers might even subscribe to your newsletter or connect with you on social media.

To take it a step further, you can use analytics and data from your readers and behavior to create targeted lead magnets that help your audience solve their problems. This gives your audience an incentive to subscribe to your email list.

6. How can a blog help my business in the future?

Blogging helps you to build a solid following base, but it will also generate sales in the future. Your blog is a platform that helps you build credibility. Once people get familiar with your style and are ‘liking’ the content that you’re putting out there, blogs can lead towards subscriptions for email lists.

Via newsletters you can update your following base on new products and services. And when launching a new product, cold leads can see that you’re an established authority in your field

already. Your business and website will appear professional and trustworthy, offering a wide range of valuable information.

So, our advice is to level up your marketing game and start that corporate blog!

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